Our practices have access to AGX® Hearing technology — always the most advanced and effective technology available.


But great technology is just the beginning for us. Understanding the way you live, your personal hearing needs, and the better-hearing goals you have for yourself help us craft a more personalized and comprehensive hearing solution than anyone else can offer.


Greg Houle, B.Sc., M.Cl.Sc., Reg. CASLPO, Audiologist

Director of Brant Hearing Aid Clinic

Greg moved to Brantford in 1986, where he joined the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at the Brantford General Hospital. He served this institution with distinction, winning an award for outstanding service, until late 2003. He joined the Brant Hearing Aid Clinic/Brantford Audiology Clinic on a full-time basis in early 2004. In 2007 he became director of the clinic.

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